Year: 2022

Rotoroa Trip

On week one Monday we went to Rotoroa to learn about bird species and different plants.
We travelled on bus to where the ferry’s were and then went on a ferry to the island. We explored the island and went to the beach to swim as well. I really enjoyed it and hope to go there again one day.


This week was all about celebrating Tongan Language Week. We had 3 different groups to be put in. I was in room 11 and we made Tapa’i Ngatu. Here is an example.

MOTAT Trip: Tram ride

During the tram ride I could hear the screeching of the wires. The ride was a bit bumpy but it was still
really cool. I got to see what the front of the tram looked like and see how it was controlled. We took a photo in front of the tram at the end of the track before we went back to the dome.