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Word work

This was from our monday must do we were meant to do. For our word work we had to pick 2 activities for us to complete, I decided to do the word search and smartphone spelling. For the word search we just had to insert this weeks spelling words to create a word search and for the 2nd activity I chose I had to convert the spelling words in to the numbers using the cellphone.

Inference Task Cards

For our reading task today, we were required to do 2 task cards to help us with our inference skills. We were meant to take a guess using clues from the text to answer the 4-5 questions on each task card. I chose these 2 for my inference task because they were the first on the main slide.

Maths Spreadsheet

Today’s task we were expected to make different charts using the information from our Math’s work. It was said that Graphs, (such as shown) are more eye-catching than your simple table. We made 4 different graphs using the exact same information and now i know it is easier to use graphs to find the percentage of said work.

Making Inferences – What we learnt

For today’s Monday must do – main reading task we had to watch a video which gave us information about what inferences are and a few situations where we might have used inferences. From this video I had learnt that we use inferences in our everyday life and there are a few inferences here and there, like in books; for example when you read a book and the author of that book doesn’t actually fully tell you what something is or what someone may be doing but they give out hints which point/lead you to that explanation.

Math – Prototec

For my maths today, my group and i were focused on doing Prototec, I was going to do Stage 8 but it was full of some equations and questions I didn’t quite understand so I went down to stage 6 and finished it with 100% Stage 6 was mainly just addition and subtraction so it was quite easy (easier than you’d expect for stage 6).

I also tried doing stage 7, the multiplication was at its standard so pretty much the easiest part of the sheet, however there were also a few questions on the sheet I was unable to complete which will be focused on this term onwards.

Stardome Trip

On Thursday last week we went on a trip to stardome to learn more about the stars of Matariki and how Matariki came to be, we also learned about a few other clusters/stars and their names of what the stars form when put together.

When we arrived to Stardome we were met with a bunch of facts about the Galaxy, plus other information that relates to space and things that lay within the surface of the night sky we thought had no further meaning to. The first thing we did when we got there was setting the rules we were expected to follow, afterwards we went into a room so we could be informed about different formations of stars, where they were located etc. After we were set into groups of 6 so we could do an activity, the activity was just to find the answer for the questions asked by searching around the inside of Stardome. Once that was over we were sent to a different room where a film about Stars, the Matariki cluster and how Matariki came to be was shown. I fell asleep at some point of the film and woke up not too long before it finished.

We then left and returned to school at around 3.

Word Pyramids

For our reading this morning one of our must do tasks were to do our word pyramids, our word pyramids include words that come from our reading texts to prepare us on what the word means before we meet with the teacher. We were required to do all words and explain the definition, include a sentence that had the word in it and give a few synonyms for each word in the list. There were 8 words and 4 different slides with 2 pyramids included in it.

Acrostic poem

For our writing we had to create an acrostic poem using our names. We had to use words that described ourself/anything about us, I chose to keep the colours simple using grey, black and white. I chose these words because I reckon they describe who I am the best!