Tag: Art

Compass art

for our maths yesterday and today we had to complete a math based artwork, we used a compass to make a flower. we started from the centre to make the circle base and then made connections, creating different semicircles then forming a pretty flower! we then coloured it in as you can see and made art!!

Matariki based Art

Since the start of the term we have been doing things based off of Matariki. For our LCS we made art. For our art we had to pick 3 or more stars to incorporate into our artwork. We had to add things that connect to the star we had chosen (we also had to find somewhere or some way to add the stars name into the artwork.). The 3 stars I decided to pick were, Tupu-a-nuku which is why I added mountains, I hid her name in the roots since she connects to the soil and geographical features, Waiti which is why I added the waterfall and Waita, The waves on the left. All of their names are somewhere in the artwork!


This is my ALL ABOUT ME HOODIE art, We created this in the start if the year. I decided to use pink and black as you can see here. My hoodie includes my culture, my age and a lot more about me. (Name, Age, Year, Favourite Colour/Colours, Favourite subject etc.) It didn’t take me that long to do, it was quite easy, Though i did keep messing up the face. I got it right in the end.  🙂


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