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Math – Prototec

For my maths today, my group and i were focused on doing Prototec, I was going to do Stage 8 but it was full of some equations and questions I didn’t quite understand so I went down to stage 6 and finished it with 100% Stage 6 was mainly just addition and subtraction so it was quite easy (easier than you’d expect for stage 6).

I also tried doing stage 7, the multiplication was at its standard so pretty much the easiest part of the sheet, however there were also a few questions on the sheet I was unable to complete which will be focused on this term onwards.

IXL – Math

For my maths today I had to complete an IXL task. This task was to identify the volume of cubes and rectangular prisms, For this IXL question it was asking for the value of u.

To find the value you have to know your times tables (You have to times the width by the length and then times the number you recieved by the height 4x4x4 etc.) The answer for this question would have been 6 because 6x6x6= 216!

Compass art

for our maths yesterday and today we had to complete a math based artwork, we used a compass to make a flower. we started from the centre to make the circle base and then made connections, creating different semicircles then forming a pretty flower! we then coloured it in as you can see and made art!!