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Literacy Math

Yesterday for Maths we focused on Financial literacy. We had to imagine that we had $1000 dollars and we planned out what we would want and what we would need. There were 2 spending plans and one savings plan, I put $100 into the savings and spent the majority of the rest. In total I spent $835 and saved $100 (All together $935, left with $65) This is the list of things Id do if i had $1000.

Times Tables

For Maths today I decided to revisit my Times Tables. To help me with equations I made a times table graph, in order for me to be able to master all of my times tables I made this graph to educate me easier. I feel like to learn faster this is the best way, along with repeating whatever times table you are learning.

Maths – Subtracting and Adding Decimals

WALT: Add/sub Fractions.

In my maths group today we were taking an understanding on adding and subtracting fractions. As our task we were expected to answer all the questions in the photo displayed above, this is something new that I wouldn’t have understood earlier. For Add/Sub fractions there are 3 steps, step 1: Check to see if the Denominators are the same as one another, if they are the same then go on with the adding/subtracting the numerator if not that is where step 2 comes in. Step 2: Turn the equation into an equivalent fraction (Find the lowest number where both denominators are to fit inside of) Step 3: This step only applies if the numerator is bigger than the denominator, if this is a case where the N is smaller than the D all you have to do is make it into an improper fraction.

Maths – Long Division

In my math’s group today we were just working on revision. We were revisiting our long division, we discussed the longer way and the shorter way. The difference between the long way and short way is that the short version keeps a lot of information in your mind and the long version writes the whole thing down. I used the shorter version because it was easier to get the hang of compared to the long way.


For our maths today we were doing ixl on combinations. Combination is a new maths branch that we have been learning for the past 4 days, it takes a while to complete but after you start to understand the work you will continue to gain knowledge and expertise under the combination stem. It involves multiplication as well as addition.

Maths Spreadsheet

Today’s task we were expected to make different charts using the information from our Math’s work. It was said that Graphs, (such as shown) are more eye-catching than your simple table. We made 4 different graphs using the exact same information and now i know it is easier to use graphs to find the percentage of said work.

Understanding Cartesian Plane

For our maths talk today we got taught how to understand Cartesian planes or X-Y axis.

We had to find the co-ordinates of the names and then find the reflections! We learnt that to find the correct co-ordinates we had to first count horizontally and then vertically, then we did the opposite direction for the reflection.