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Island Breeze

This morning Glen Taylor School got to watch a performance displayed by Island Breeze. Island Breeze is a group of all different cultures from around Polynesia and the world who are based in Hawaii, we were one of the lucky schools who were able to watch their performance and hear the stories behind them that linked to a message/motto. They displayed dances from different cultures such as: Samoan and Hawaiian and they informed us on how we are different and if we were all the same life would be boring.

The password is..

The password is

This morning after student leaders assembly we played a game of Blooket and also played a new game we learnt about yesterday called the password is. The aim of the game is to give hints to the person in front of you while they try and guess what the password is. You have to try and describe the word well enough for the person in front of you to guess what it may be, it was hard to think of a word on the spot but we still managed to give enough hints for the person to guess the word properly.




This morning room 13 had kelly sports, for our kelly sports we had rugby league. We practiced how to tackle, how to pass and we also played a few games. I was honestly just tired and my legs were not cooperating so I sat out during a few of the activities, though I did cheer people on. 


A few activities we had were, ball rush (on our knees), this passing game (where you had to like run and then roll the ball back so the person behind could throw it to the next person so they could do the same), a type of rugby game but in a formation type way (Idk how to explain it), and a game like invisible touch but rugby version (Tackles and you actually had a ball). 


That’s basically it.