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Word Pyramids

For our reading this morning one of our must do tasks were to do our word pyramids, our word pyramids include words that come from our reading texts to prepare us on what the word means before we meet with the teacher. We were required to do all words and explain the definition, include a sentence that had the word in it and give a few synonyms for each word in the list. There were 8 words and 4 different slides with 2 pyramids included in it.

Metaphor Activities

Another task we were required to do were Metaphors. Metaphors are ‘a figure of speech in a word or phrase applied to an object or action to which it is not literal’. For the first part we had to write a metaphor for each of the describing words in the list, using our own ideas on how to describe the word. For the second part of the activity we had to guess the answer for the metaphor riddles, They were quite easy to get in my opinion.