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Stardome Trip

On Thursday last week we went on a trip to stardome to learn more about the stars of Matariki and how Matariki came to be, we also learned about a few other clusters/stars and their names of what the stars form when put together.

When we arrived to Stardome we were met with a bunch of facts about the Galaxy, plus other information that relates to space and things that lay within the surface of the night sky we thought had no further meaning to. The first thing we did when we got there was setting the rules we were expected to follow, afterwards we went into a room so we could be informed about different formations of stars, where they were located etc. After we were set into groups of 6 so we could do an activity, the activity was just to find the answer for the questions asked by searching around the inside of Stardome. Once that was over we were sent to a different room where a film about Stars, the Matariki cluster and how Matariki came to be was shown. I fell asleep at some point of the film and woke up not too long before it finished.

We then left and returned to school at around 3.

Word Pyramids

For our reading this morning one of our must do tasks were to do our word pyramids, our word pyramids include words that come from our reading texts to prepare us on what the word means before we meet with the teacher. We were required to do all words and explain the definition, include a sentence that had the word in it and give a few synonyms for each word in the list. There were 8 words and 4 different slides with 2 pyramids included in it.

Metaphor Activities

Another task we were required to do were Metaphors. Metaphors are ‘a figure of speech in a word or phrase applied to an object or action to which it is not literal’. For the first part we had to write a metaphor for each of the describing words in the list, using our own ideas on how to describe the word. For the second part of the activity we had to guess the answer for the metaphor riddles, They were quite easy to get in my opinion.

Hyperbole Activities

One of our Writing activities were about Hyperbole sentences, hyperbole are exaggerated statements or sayings that are not meant to be taken literally.

We had to find the meanings of the hyperbole sentences and write it in our own words, then we were required to make up our own statement at the end which I did ‘She never stops talking’, can you explain what it means?


IXL – Math

For my maths today I had to complete an IXL task. This task was to identify the volume of cubes and rectangular prisms, For this IXL question it was asking for the value of u.

To find the value you have to know your times tables (You have to times the width by the length and then times the number you recieved by the height 4x4x4 etc.) The answer for this question would have been 6 because 6x6x6= 216!

Compass art

for our maths yesterday and today we had to complete a math based artwork, we used a compass to make a flower. we started from the centre to make the circle base and then made connections, creating different semicircles then forming a pretty flower! we then coloured it in as you can see and made art!!

Matariki based Art

Since the start of the term we have been doing things based off of Matariki. For our LCS we made art. For our art we had to pick 3 or more stars to incorporate into our artwork. We had to add things that connect to the star we had chosen (we also had to find somewhere or some way to add the stars name into the artwork.). The 3 stars I decided to pick were, Tupu-a-nuku which is why I added mountains, I hid her name in the roots since she connects to the soil and geographical features, Waiti which is why I added the waterfall and Waita, The waves on the left. All of their names are somewhere in the artwork!

Cybersmart Challenge Week 3

For our cyber smart challenge this week we had to have a collaborated doc, it was a 2 part doc with a tic-tac-toe/3 in a row game and a story time activity where you and your buddy had to make up a story. Me and my buddies story was quite rushed but we still managed to put out a decent enough story we can understand. I enjoyed this activity because I was able to interact with it and play around with my friend. Clearly we tied most of our tic-tac-toe games but it was still quite enjoyable.