Tag: #Week3

Island Breeze

This morning Glen Taylor School got to watch a performance displayed by Island Breeze. Island Breeze is a group of all different cultures from around Polynesia and the world who are based in Hawaii, we were one of the lucky schools who were able to watch their performance and hear the stories behind them that linked to a message/motto. They displayed dances from different cultures such as: Samoan and Hawaiian and they informed us on how we are different and if we were all the same life would be boring.

Maths – Long Division

In my math’s group today we were just working on revision. We were revisiting our long division, we discussed the longer way and the shorter way. The difference between the long way and short way is that the short version keeps a lot of information in your mind and the long version writes the whole thing down. I used the shorter version because it was easier to get the hang of compared to the long way.

Matariki based Art

Since the start of the term we have been doing things based off of Matariki. For our LCS we made art. For our art we had to pick 3 or more stars to incorporate into our artwork. We had to add things that connect to the star we had chosen (we also had to find somewhere or some way to add the stars name into the artwork.). The 3 stars I decided to pick were, Tupu-a-nuku which is why I added mountains, I hid her name in the roots since she connects to the soil and geographical features, Waiti which is why I added the waterfall and Waita, The waves on the left. All of their names are somewhere in the artwork!

Cybersmart Challenge Week 3

For our cyber smart challenge this week we had to have a collaborated doc, it was a 2 part doc with a tic-tac-toe/3 in a row game and a story time activity where you and your buddy had to make up a story. Me and my buddies story was quite rushed but we still managed to put out a decent enough story we can understand. I enjoyed this activity because I was able to interact with it and play around with my friend. Clearly we tied most of our tic-tac-toe games but it was still quite enjoyable.