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Kawa Of Care

Today we had a brief discussion about our Chromebooks. It seems some of us had forgotten the Kawa of care agreement we signed when we received our Chromebooks and the following years afterwards, we had to redo these given slides to prove we were good to go with our Kawa of care. This slide is just a few images and proof that we follow the agreement that we had signed.

Maths – Subtracting and Adding Decimals

WALT: Add/sub Fractions.

In my maths group today we were taking an understanding on adding and subtracting fractions. As our task we were expected to answer all the questions in the photo displayed above, this is something new that I wouldn’t have understood earlier. For Add/Sub fractions there are 3 steps, step 1: Check to see if the Denominators are the same as one another, if they are the same then go on with the adding/subtracting the numerator if not that is where step 2 comes in. Step 2: Turn the equation into an equivalent fraction (Find the lowest number where both denominators are to fit inside of) Step 3: This step only applies if the numerator is bigger than the denominator, if this is a case where the N is smaller than the D all you have to do is make it into an improper fraction.

Compass art

for our maths yesterday and today we had to complete a math based artwork, we used a compass to make a flower. we started from the centre to make the circle base and then made connections, creating different semicircles then forming a pretty flower! we then coloured it in as you can see and made art!!